Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rupert Murdoch spends $580M for Myspace.Com

Furthering the important role that blogging plays, Rupert Murdoch recently spent $580M to buy the company that owns Myspace.Com.

Myspace.Com, Xanga.Com, and Facebook.com are some examples of blog sites that create online communities where primarily teenagers to young 20-somethings post pictures, their favorite TV shows, music, etc.

MySpace has 20M visitors/month and is a little "raunchier" according to a recent NY Times columnist David Brooks article "Bowling alone, or Group hug?".

See related article here:

Monday, January 30, 2006

94 registered so far- 9 days left. Star News Ads begun

Registrations are up to: 58 by phone and 36 online

Star News postcards ads have begun in Sunday Star News Money section.

Neela has completed a first draft of the program, which looks amazing.Planning meeting today 1-2:30pm...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

69 registered so far!

Marketing is going well - 42 registered by phone and 27 registered online. Star News ads start on Sunday (thanks to the StarNewsOnline.Com for sponsoring our event!) and Pender papers start today (Chronicle,Post,Topsail Voice).

Todd, Louis and team stuffed the invites and mailed them out.

Big deliverables due are the Program and the one-sheet... but, other details are wrapping up nicely.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Walking Castle / Wilmington Journal / Online Registration

Today, Louis Rogers (Co-Lead) and I (Matt) took 2 hours to walk Castle from 3rd to 10th and back and talked to about 14 business owners, mostly African-American owned. We talked about PEI, inviting the business owners to the conference and asked them to help spread the word.

While walking, we found out that Dr. Clay was on the frontpage of the Wilmington Journal and there was an article promoting the conference. See article here.

Other marketing updates:
- Sent out emails to all SBC Directors across state, faculty and staff at CFCC, and invited PEI members to register for the conference.
- Online conference registration is now available online:

16 days left! All for now,

Friday, January 20, 2006

Panelists Finalized and Other Progress

Tons of progress has been made! Panelists have been finalized and extensive updates to the PEI Conference website have been made to include: agenda, directions, panelists, etc.

Also, desired outcomes were agreed to.
Just less then 3 weeks left for the conference.

Peter provided excellent free tutorial to increase digital literacy online here:

Progress Energy will be our "headline sponsor" for this year's event!
All for now!


Monday, January 09, 2006

Conference Proposed Desired Outcomes

Proposed desired outcomes:

  1. Define and create awareness concerning digital divide and digital literacy.
  2. Educate and build awareness about who PEI is and what we do.
  3. Show business owners how technology can improve their business.
  4. Provide examples of easy, convenient and inexpensive ways to increase digital literacy.

This is the condensed version of Peter's initial list:

  1. Communicating to the black business community that addressing their individual position relative to the digital divide could greatly improve their business operation and opportunities.
  2. That there are very easy, convenient, and inexpensive ways that they can employ to address the digital divide, including self-help activities.
  3. That we identify the basic tools and minimal cost involved. Mavis Beacon, self-help keyboarding program, $10.00. Computer Friendly book $15.00. Skype Internet telephony and kit $5.00.
  4. That supporters of our efforts to bridge the digital divide understand how they can help without an undue burden on their time.

See Greater Wilmington Business Jan Edition for PEI Conference Ad and Article

See Greater Wilmington Business website here. GWB is available in most Port City Javas...