Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Parents don't think there's a math/science gap!

Science, math crisis not seen in the home

By Ben Feller, Associated Press

This is kind of a frightening article... especially if we are going to catch up with the hundreds of thousands of China and India engineers graduated every year compared to our 70,000. My take is that if you're parents are not engineers, or don't have advanced degrees, they might not understand the need for advanced math. My own parents couldn't help me with Calculus in HS. - Matt


In a new poll, 57 percent of parents say "things are fine" with the amount of math and science being taught in their child's public school. High school parents seem particularly content - 70 percent of them say their child gets the right amount of science and math.
In 1994, 52 percent of parents considered a lack of math and science in their local schools to be a serious problem. Now, only 32 percent say the same thing. During that time, states ramped up standards and testing, which seems to have affected parents' views.
The findings are based on phone interviews with a nationally random sample of 1,342 public school students in grades six to 12, and of 1,379 parents of children in public school. The interviews were done between Oct. 30 and Dec. 29. The margin of sampling error was 3.4 percentage points for the children and 3.8 percentage points for the children.
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